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Wrath of Akad (S-Gods #3)

I’ve had some setbacks in writing this book, to include a crashed computer, and revisions that nearly wipe out everything I’ve written so far. So, its way behind schedule. No blurb yet, but to give you a clue; book one was Marduk’s time to suffer, book two was all about Aya, so I’m sure you can guess who will be suffering in book three. Wrath of Akad takes place close to fifteen years after the end of Dream God. There were hints of trouble between the gods and humans, but it has since escalated into all out “total war.”

Virgin Kings – MM, Dark Erotica, Historical Fantasy

I recently noticed that I have several WIPs with young virgin kings. So, I’ve decided to group these stand alones into a new series, called the Virgin Kings Series. The first book in this series is Blood of the Sphinx; a novella that I wrote for the Bring out your Kink BDSM Group writing event.

The second book will be based on Hannibal’s invasion of the Roman Republic in the Second Punic War. I don’t have a title yet, but it’s an enemies to lovers book, and the fantasy element is a magical ring that grants the wearer immortality. I really love this time period, so I’ve had this story in the works for some time.

Untitled – MM, BDSM, Dark Erotica, Contemporary

This book is finished, but still needs revisions. I’m going to try to leave it alone at least until Wrath of Akad is finished.

Cyber Agent (Toy Soldier #3)

It’s my goal to write and publish this in 2017.

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