Siren’s Reckoning: Operation God (S-Gods #4)

Siren's Reckoning

“Siren might just destroy him, but does he deserve it?”

Akad, the most powerful god of the ancient world, seeks the love of the condemned goddess Siren. However, Siren is every god’s nightmare. Before he can dream of winning her, he must pay for his crimes that led to her downfall. The gods attempt to deter him from his mission by pushing the beautiful goddess Venus into his arms.

Despite bearing witness to Akad’s cruel nature, Venus commits to a path that leads her into dangerous waters. She swears to shield him from Siren’s wrath, but when the weight of his crimes begins to crush her, she fights for the resolve to defend him. Venus holds the key to Akad’s heart, but her conviction is on the verge of faltering. If she fails to sway him from his path of destruction, the fate of the world may hang in the balance.

Contains graphic scenarios which some may find disturbing ~ Intended for mature readers. (Sexual Content: M/F + M/M)

*The e-book version of Siren’s Reckoning is temporarily unavailable. A slightly altered second edition will be released early 2016 after book 3 in the S-Gods Series is published.

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