“Graphic and Intense” ~ 2 Reviews from Queercentric Books (Toy Soldier ~ J. Johanis) #MM #Taboo #LPRTG

I just discovered two fantastic reviews for Drago Star and Slash OP by Queercentric Books. Here’s a peak at both along with links to the blog posts.


Drago Star is a fast paced, action packed Sci-Fi adventure. There is an underlying romance bordering on Stockholm Syndrome that builds, but the majority of the story is about using eroticism, non-con sexual humiliation, and abuse as a means of training.

The scenes are graphic and intense, but somehow captivating…”

Check out Queercentric Books to read the review


“As with Drago Star, Slash OP is also written is such a way that you are pulled into an engrossing Sci-Fi adventure that captivates you, making you question yourself for enjoying it…”

Check out Queercentric Books to read the review



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