5/5/4/5 Star Reviews: Toy Soldier Series by J. Johanis ~ Inked Rainbow Reads

I absolutely love these reviews from Inked Rainbow Reads. Here’s a small peek at the reviews and links to the blog posts are included below.

slashop-300x225Drago Star ~ 5 Stars: “I’m so excited to have stumbled upon this story after reading other stories by this author and happy to say they are just as well written and captivating!”

Drago Star ~ 4 Stars: “Wow. Just wow. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading this book. This is the first book I have read by J. Johanis and I have to admit I am intrigued and looking forward to the next book.”

Slash OP ~ 5 Stars: “This book had some seriously intense dragon scenes that had me ducking for cover while reading as fast as I could. So good! I couldn’t get through it fast enough!”

Slash OP ~ 5 Stars: “I have to say that normally I am not big on paranormal reads but I so captivated by this series that I could not put it down. J. Johanis was able to capture my attention in book one and now he has me held captive with book two. Cannot wait for book three to come out.”

Check out the blog to read the reviews:

DRAGO STAR Reviews ~ Inked Rainbow Reads

SLASH OP Reviews ~ Inked Rainbow Reads





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