Non-con in Dark Erotica ~ J. Johanis ~ Interview by Hans M. Hirschi #DarkErotica #Taboo #MM

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by author Hans M. Hirschi. After reading the first two books in my Toy Soldier Series, Hans asked some difficult but excellent questions including the difference between rape and non-con in dark erotica, why drugging is used, and my opinion on why there’s so much rough sex in m/m. I really enjoyed this interview and I hope you will too.

Slash Op 3D both largePeek at the Interview:

There are several rape scenes in your stories. In fact, I’m struggling to recall any consensual sex in the Toy Soldier story, and rapes are also common in “Claimed by the order”. Enlighten me, what is the driving force behind what you call “non-con” scenes?

That’s a great question. I guess the simplest answer is that this is what comes to me when I formulate a story. I enjoy making my characters suffer and letting them fight for a way to make it. On another level, I’m an angst junkie and I tend to gravitate toward conflict. A lot of fiction has some instance of rape or non-con, but it’s rarely depicted. In a way, fade to black saves the reader from having to experience the stress of a traumatic scene. However, since angst is what I’m after, I tend to show more of this.

Out there, in the real world, people struggle to make sure that people get consent before engaging in any sexual activities. How do you justify writing rape? Are you not afraid this might “inspire” people to take this into the real world?

Check out Hans Hirschi’s site to read more…

Additional Intriguing QuestionsDrago Star print 3D small

“Non-con”, “Dub-Con” sound so inconspicuous. Do you think they are used on purpose, as rape would be too blunt? Or what is the rationale?

The sex (consensual or not) is extremely rough. I’m not very experienced in reading this, but from what I’ve read, it seems to me that the way gay sex is depicted in erotica is rougher than what I’ve seen in het erotica. Would you agree, and if you do, what do you think is the reason?

One of the things that puzzle me in a lot of erotic novels / stories that I’ve read, well almost all actually, is the frequent use of drugs, e.g. Persuasion in Toy Soldier. What is your take on this? Is it part of the fantasy or is it a tool for the author to go rougher, explain rape and what not?

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