Bound naked in the trunk of a moving vehicle ~ SLASH OP #DarkErotica #Taboo #MM


Today is the last day of my Slash Op Tour. Stop by Joyful Jay for an Exclusive NSFW Excerpt **Bound naked in the trunk of a moving vehicle.** + Giveaway (25 hours remaining).

Excerpt Sneak Peek: 

“Ah. Gideon… You can’t do that!” Drago panted, digging his fingers into Gideon’s back and pressing his lips to Gideon’s collarbone. Drago’s buttocks clenched around Gideon’s cock, and his pelvis rocked as if he was trying to coax Gideon in.

Gideon’s face flushed. “I’m sorry. You’re just… What you’re doing right now. You’re not making this easy for me.”

“I can’t help it,” Drago said, breathing hard against Gideon’s neck. “I’ve been compromised. They’ve injected me with Persuasion.”

“Shit! But we took the pills…”

“I know. The anti-persuasion is working, but it’s only enough to keep me sane. You have to be the one who’s strong. We can’t… you can’t… We have to stay focused on getting out of this.”

Continue on to Joyful Jay to read more…

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10 Mar: Emotion in Motion ~ Sergeant Talon talks about covert ops + plans for getting his commander naked

11 Mar: The Dark Arts ~ NSFW Excerpt

13 Mar: Queer Sci Fi ~ Announcement



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