SLASH OP TOUR ~ Terrorized by Dragons: Gideon’s Erotic Nightmare #DarkErotica #Taboo #MMRomance


Today’s stops on the Slash OP Tour were MM Book Escape and Emotion in Motion.

Visit MM Book Escape for a Deleted Scene “Gideon’s Erotic Nightmare” and stop by Emotion in Motion for a Character Interview with Sergeant Talon who discusses plans for getting his commander naked.

Peek at “Gideon’s Erotic Nightmare” Deleted Scene:

The instructor’s voice continued to drone on, then the lights dimmed and the video soundtrack filled his ears. He didn’t need to watch more dragons reaping havoc. He could just sit there and listen. Gideon drifted until a roar filled his ears. Opening his eyes with a start, he found himself sitting alone in the dark classroom. Had the video ended? Did his instructor just leave him there in the school? Taking a deep breath, Gideon rose from his seat and opened the classroom door. The deserted hall was dark as if it were the middle of the night. Another roar rang out, echoing through the building, and Gideon flattened his back against the wall, a chill running up his spine.

This couldn’t be happening. There was no way this was real. His school was far from the dragon district. Had one of his dragon instructors shifted? Was he being stalked by his teachers? Before he could figure it out, the building began to shake and a long dark shadow loomed at the end of the hall. Suppressing a cry, Gideon sprinted down the hall to his left. All he had to do was escape the building… Continue to MM Book Escape for the full deleted scene.

Slash Op 3D both large

Check out the previous stops for exclusive excerpts, deleted scenes, and character interviews.


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3 Mar: Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ~ Character Interview ~ Dragon insurgent leader, Zeki Shaytan

4 Mar: Love Bytes ~  Character Interview ~ Stella discusses using the rape drug, Persuasion, in interrogations

7 Mar: Book Lovers 4 Ever ~ Spotlight & Excerpt

8 Mar: Divine Magazine ~ Exclusive Deleted Scene ~ A Moment with Brett

8 Mar: Hearts on Fire Reviews ~ Character Interview ~ Staff Sergeant Gail “How’s gay sex for a straight guy?”

9 Mar: Diverse Reader ~ Character Interview ~ Drago discusses Love vs Lust in dragon culture

10 Mar: MM Book Escape ~ Exclusive Deleted Scene ~ Gideon’s Nightmare

10 Mar: Emotion in Motion ~ Sergeant Talon talks about covert ops + plans for getting his commander naked


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