Unexpected Surprise ~ Review by Hans Hirschi

So, today I got online and discovered a new review posted by author, Hans Hirschi, who I had the pleasure of meeting at GRL this year. Hans was a veteran at GRL and also my newbie contact. In addition to showing me around and introducing me to a wonderful group of people, he was instantly idolized in my eyes when he showed up to the GRL costume party in drag as a very realistic queen.

Anyway, Hans recently asked the group of us from GRL which of our books we would recommend he read. Knowing that Hans was not a fan of erotica, I was hesitant to suggest any of my books since they are all dark erotica and particularly violent. So, when making my recommendation, I gave him an extra disclaimer, then advised he start with Claimed by the Order.

After he finished our books he mentioned that mine was a difficult read for him, and he also mentioned he was planning on reviewing it. Naturally, I was a bit nervous and bracing myself for the worst. Not that I believed he’d ever be rude, but even subtle hints of displeasure from someone I hold in such high regard, would be a big downer for me.

So, when I read his review today, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I can tell from his review that the sex aspect was a bit much for him, but really, everything he said in his review was brilliant. I don’t plan to start marketing my book to non-dark erotica m/m readers, but it’s nice to know that my work can cross over and be enjoyed by a larger audience.

Review by Hans Hirschi ~ Click to Read



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