My 100th Review on Goodreads

So, I finally hit my 100th review on Goodreads. Reason to celebrate? Why hell yes. Especially when the review is this fantastic. I can’t help but share.

Drago Star by J Johanis 800x1250This sci-fi dragon shifter novella is the first of J. Johanis’s new series! It’s raw, dark, & dirty. It is dark erotic in its most brutal form. There are serious triggers (I won’t spoil anything by telling you) you can see in the blurb and if you understand how “slavery” works you can figure it out.

J. Johanis writes very captivating stories. Ones where you know you shouldn’t read this but you can’t help yourself. Her characters are so vivid and her scenes amazingly descriptive. This isn’t a story for everyone and it isn’t a love story. It’s brutal in a way that if you like rough, raw, and -if I’m being honest- violent; you will love this book. It’s a great story to test your comfort zone because J. Johanis knows what she’s doing.
Oddly enjoyable and entertaining and I’m glad THAT I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave her a try. She’s very gifted.

Reviewed by Meredith King ~ Diverse Reader




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